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Refinery29 "8 New York Artists Who Could Be The Next Madonna"

"Julia Anrather is both a musician and an actress, but if we had things our way, she'd serenade us in Brooklyn every night. The two original soul tracks she's released are calming enough for your workday, but sexy enough to get kick you into nighttime mode. Julia, give us more, please."

The Wild Honey Pie "Julia Anrather Brings Wounded Sexiness to 'Sweeter Than You' [Premiere]"

Julia Anrather has already started making a name for herself as an actress preforming with Funny or Die and at favorite NYC theater St. Anne’s Warehouse, and it looks like she will be adding “up-and-coming-indie-songstress” to her career list as well. “Sweeter Than You” is a slow burning, lo-fi piece of singer-songwriter pop that has just enough of a dirty edge in the production to make it interesting. It’s simultaneously sexy and a little wounded – an affect that Anrather truly sells with her casual vocal delivery. About the track she says:
“‘Sweeter Than You’ is a revenge ballad. It’s a “look at me now” song. I also wrote it with the trope of the heartbroken blues singer in mind because I love the drama of that character–the Nancy Sinatra “Bang Bang” character–but not how she’s always still heartbroken by the end of the song. I thought it’d be fun if she got some revenge in this one.”

Impose "Week in Pop" & "Year in Pop"

"Star of stage, screen & production fame Julia Anrather presents us with a premiere listen to her single “Closer” taken from her forthcoming debut EP Quentin available in 2017. Seen in the web series “The Pioneers“, performing in Taylor Mac’s 24 Decades of Popular Music as Dandy Minion, the Ed Iskandar directed show “The Mysteries“, founder of the Brooklyn/Catskills company Nearth Thing Productions & countless other appearances & projects—Julia’s music is something held over from the greatest creative fabrics of Americana productions. Anrather’s big vision for concept & fine arts shines through in her own musical crafts where classic country western approaches provided something of a timeless, cinematic sense of sophistication & presence of grandeur.

Julia Anrather’s “Closer” finds the NYC artist beckoning you to walk closer to the edge & to the light. Worlds of wants & itchy needs are executed in a big time arrangement suited for the cineplex or a premium cable channel mini-series theme composition. The song opens with Julia’s lo-fi hums as she initiates a slow dance that is measured in the motions of the slow weaving maneuvers of chord rhythms that steps with fancy footwork toward the allure of a sensuous day dream. The reiterated recitations of “come a little bit closer” are cast in whirling refrain that seduces with shimmering harmonies & howling chords & whirling organ frenzies. Anrather orchestrates the entire event to move with the effectiveness of an orchestral-like heavyweight of a big band, where implied & implicit items stir in the aphrodisiac-esque effect of taking one too many turns on the merry-go-round or tila-a-whirl at your local county fair. Julia provided us with the following exclusive preface/prelude to “Closer” with the following candid words:

“Closer” is a song about the desire for self-actualization, wishing you could finally be in and do your life the way you know you could. But like everything, the song is also about sex—desire for self-actualization mapped onto desire for sexual satisfaction. I feel like there’s a way to capture time, make it slow down, by figuring out your genuine self and then living and acting from that space and this is a song about that. And maybe about orgasms." 

TwistedSoul "Julia Anrather – First Time (TS Premiere)"

"Anrather makes soul music that has a particular nostalgic feel to it, making it hard to resist. Think of the folk-soul of Lianne La Havas only infused with a small dose of indie expressions and experimentations. On “First Time,” the singer starts the song seductively cool entwining with the soft backing. Her delicate voice warms your heart as the dwindling guitars and keys glide across the gentle yet progressive soundscapes. Some drums get added to the melting pot to give the track a certain depth; the overall effect of which is gorgeous. Just tip your head back, close your eyes and soak up this superb piece of 21st-century soul. Stream “First Time” below and look for the song on her forthcoming debut EP “VictoryVitriol”. You won’t regret hitting play."

Stereofox "I Guess (Demo)"

"Sunday’s are normally about relaxing but sod it – this is worth sharing. Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Julia Anrather just posted up a new song on her SoundCloud called "I Guess" (Demo). Despite the track being a demo, the eloquent number is an accomplished slice of soul driven by acoustic strings and natural vocals which really showcase her live singing abilities. Enjoy!" 


"Julia Anrather's voice has a way of bringing you to your knees with her melodic mix of soul and folk. When we first heard Quiet Day, we were put into a lyrical trance, craving solitude with someone you long for. Julia's first single is the ultimate reflective music for those days when you're sitting at home, drenched in sunlight and dreams. We had a chance to chat with this Brooklyn based artist to hear her inspiration behind the song."


"Julia Anrather is a Brooklyn-based artist walking that fine (and I do mean FOYNE) line between Lianne La Havas and Bonnie Raitt. Casually sexy, reflective without dipping into sulky, she’s one to keep an eye on, obviously."

The Culture Trip "10 Best Up-And-Coming NYC Bands And Musicians To Follow"

"A true artist in every way, Brooklynite Julia Anrather has a whole spectrum of talents. Having earned her BA in drama from Vassar College, she has performed in television, film, and theater. Her work lives somewhere in between Lana del Rey, Ingrid Michaelson and Amy Winehouse. Why Anrather makes the list: sultry, smooth vocals."